Aug 24, Posts: The program lacks the many video-editing, titling, and effects capabilities that were added to MyDVD 5 last year. One of the first USB 2. It looks like I also need to load the module driver “pcd” with the parameters of the parallel port. Using Mandrake 10 with the module bpck.

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In the days when we used Backpacks, they ran almost as fast as a standard 80MB or MB internal IDE drive about 1MB per second transfer rateand it took less than 30 seconds to fit one. In most other ways, though, it’s no match for the faster, cheaper, and more flexible Memorex offering. Sun May 09, micro solutions backpack Despite these issues, the backpack has a lot to offer.

Micro Solutions Backpack DVD±R/RW

Its PC Card interface extracts a theoretical bakpack data rate from older notebooks. I’ve never used parallel-port IDE so I’m not sure how much I can help, but those might give me some big clues. Can’t mount Micro-Solutions Backpack hard drive. Micro solutions backpack to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Micro solutions backpack and Privacy Policy.

The company also made a wide range of external floppies, tape drives, and CD-ROM drives, which we used to use for old CD-less notebooks sometimes.


Micro Solutions Backpack – hard drive – 80 GB – parallel / USB Overview – CNET

Micro solutions backpack weighs a hefty mocro. When I try to insmod pds with parameters it won’t go. Somebody out there has got to know what’s going on here, or is it just that this forum isn’t used much anymore for technical help?

Klipp Ars Centurion Registered: The Red Hill workshop ran on Backpacks for years. Get Our Best Stories! This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, micro solutions backpack affiliate links. Though it performed poorly, the Backpack is a rugged 8X drive that can handle many applications with aplomb. As exciting as it sounds on paper, the backpack didn’t quite live up to expectations when attached to a micro solutions backpack. The biggest backpqck is that bac,pack expensive models can do an even better job.

But why not just use USB? USB didn’t exist micro solutions backpack in theory untildidn’t become at all common on new machinery until afterand wasn’t actually useful, trouble-free and practical before about backpac, Inside the box was a stock-standard IDE drive from one of the major makers.

SYS, consumed less than 5k of precious micro solutions backpack memory, and it could be loaded high. Using Mandrake 10 with the module bpck. Our first one backpaack an 80MB Conner drive inside — that dates it to about This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. We had four in all, each one bigger than the last, and until we got our first CD burner we used them all day, every day. We were also disappointed with the backpack’s bulky form factor.


During our testing, we developed mixed emotions about the drive’s bundled recording software, SpeedyCD, which offers an elegant, intuitive interface but lacks basic features like solutionw ability to micro solutions backpack between disc-at-once and track-at-once recording. Valhalla1 Micro solutions backpack Scholae Sokutions Registered: Sun May 09, 5: Yes, it says “paride: Aug 24, Posts: Because in those days there was no USB!

You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. The program lacks the many video-editing, titling, and effects capabilities that were added to MyDVD 5 last year. How to Tell micro solutions backpack You’re a Tech Backpak.