Is it difficult to install? Attrition between belt and metal will get static electricity, and it will disturb other electronic devives of helicopter. The CCD Camera should be mounted underneath the main shaft or on the side frame of the helicopter, with the lens pointing at the ground and free from vibration, it works best in the attitude of 1m to 3m. Can I install it to my helicopter? All in One Simulator.

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Just kds flymentor 3d a real Auto Pilot when you need a break. Keep balance in inverted flight. Switch working mode horizontal mode and position mode through AUX channel. But note that the system is not hooked up with the throttle, the attitude flykentor the helicopter is still in your control. Best for Kds flymentor 3d Heli!

There are kvs related products for this product. Connections of gear and aux is optional. It is not difficult, but you must have some experience in installing the RX.

The system act as a Auto Pilot, it will only steps in flymentof you don’t give any input, but once you move your hands on the control sticks again, the system will de-activate and let you take charge again, pretty amazing, isn’t it?

To have best result, make sure that there are enough “Light” and “Something” on the ground surface, like kds flymentor 3d and gravels, because the Camera can’t see very well in dim kds flymentor 3d and it can’t recognize flat snow or flat sandit requires “Something” to see, it will not work in dim condition or low contrast flymwntor surface.


How kds flymentor 3d flymentor auto pilot itself? The concept is basically an Eye watching the ground and make adjustment, kinda like a real human. What is Stabilizing Mode?

Kds flymentor 3d We Accept Bestsellers. Confirm all parts of Flymentor 3D have been mounted on helicopter firmly, and the lens of CCD can see the ground, and you should keep the lens clean. Wires which are unused should be locked to prevent unexpected affection. Thanks to the 3-Axis gyro, it can work all around degree correction. Parrot AR Drone 2. Detail manual can be downloaded from kds flymentor 3d site, you can check it before purchase.

KDS Flymentor 3D Auto Stabilizer

Also, needs to isolate it kds flymentor 3d vibrate and heat. During adjusting, please be careful about following: Description Reviews 0 Related Products 0. Channels of aileron, elevator and pitch must be connected with receiver.

It is recommended kds flymentor 3d make electronic connection between tail pipe, motor shell and helicopter base for earth connection. The sensor of Flymentor 3D must be mounted horizontally.

The wire should twist magnetic ring for three circles at least. CCD sensor to capture picture of ground, comparing pictures to avoid drifting.


KDS Flymentor 3d High Performance Intelligent Device With Setup Card(ppc) Set | eBay

If you are newbie, please do not purchase it, it is not for you. There are no additional images for this product.

This gyro also contain some Temperature sensor and some other sensors too. Pinion with screw for Brushless Motor 3. It is a wrong thought that you claim people must teach you A-Z when kds flymentor 3d buy a book, you need to pay a lot more extra for an English class.

Configured by computer kds flymentor 3d USB. The CCD Camera’s job is to take image of the ground, then to provide a signal to the Flymentor Mixer, and gives the correction to the cyclic servos. This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 July, When kds flymentor 3d pass thru the helicopter, it will push the helicopter and making it up side down, you will need to adjust the control sticks constantly to prevent this from happening.

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