Page 19 — Emissivity tables Ebonite 0. Glossary Glossary Term or expression Explanation absorption absorption factor The amount of radiation absorbed by an object relative to the received radiation. Internal Battery Charging Thermographic imaging is done in such a way that the disruptive influence from ex- ternal climatic factors is as slight as possible. At a certain height there is a neutral zone where the pressures on the inside and outside are the same, see the figure on page Insert the battery with the connectors facing the rear end of the camera and the arrow symbol facing the front end of the camera.

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This differential pressure may be described by the relationship: By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Page 97 flir thermacam b2 — Camera program ;a3 Figure Use of the battery outside thsrmacam this temperature range may damage the performance of the battery or flir thermacam b2 reduce its life expectancy.

Connecting System Components Connecting system components ;a2 Figure 6. Page 19 — Emissivity tables Brick fireclay 0.

Page 19 — Emissivity tables Iron and steel polished — 0. Flir thermacam b2 19 — Emissivity tables Aluminum anodized, light 0. Structural drawing Comment ;a2 Improper sealing of paving and membrane to roof outlet, leading to leakage during rain. Distance from the flir thermacam b2 zone in meters. Laser Locatir 9 — Camera overview Laser LocatIR By pulling the trigger on the bottom side of the camera body, a laser dot appears approx.


Flir ThermaCAM B2 Manuals

Adjusting The Focus rlir Inserting The Battery 8 — Tutorials 8. Internal Battery Charging 11 — Electrical power system Flir thermacam b2 fact that radiation is a function of object surface temperature makes it possible for the camera to calculate and display this temperature.

Page 23 3 — Welcome!

The Effects Of Testing And Checking 7 — Introduction flir thermacam b2 building thermography the results of measurements, there are special requirements in terms of the skills and experience of those taking the measurements, e.

Setting Up A Silent Alarm i.

This choice will display a confirmation box where you can either confirm or cancel the deletion. Selecting Screen Objects Page Index — Y working with camera continued removing continued lens: Page 19 — Emissivity tables Aluminum oxide pure, powder alu- 0. Page 13 — Troubleshooting Problem Possible reason Solution The trigger button does not The function of the trigger button may have Change the function of the work as expected. NETD Noise flir thermacam b2 temperature difference.

Recent Drivers  HP MINI 110-1025DX DRIVER

External Battery Charging Page Index — D calibration: To remove stains, wipe with a soft cloth moistened with a mild detergent flir thermacam b2 and wrung dry, then wipe with a dry soft cloth.

Battery Charger — Dimensional Drawing Determining reflected apparent temperature Infrared image Comment ;a1 Improperly terminated and sealed flkr veneer to flir thermacam b2 frame and missing flashings has resulted in moisture infiltration into the wall cavity and inte- rior living space. Determine and set reflected apparent temperature according to the previous pro- cedure.

Determining the emissivity Step Action Select a place to put the sample. Index — Y working with camera thwrmacam removing continued lens: Page 51 7 — Introduction to building thermography 7.

A Flir thermacam b2 Alarm 8 — Tutorials 8.

Setting Up Flir thermacam b2 Color Alarm Blackbody Radiation Such cavity radiators are commonly used as sources of radiation in temperature reference standards in the laboratory for calibrating thermo- graphic instruments, such as a FLIR Systems camera for example.