Under Import Templates, select the other application if it is available. Create a new CardScan file. Choose Yes when CardScan asks if you want to overwrite the original file. In this window, open Tools, select Forms and choose Publish Forms. Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox. The Export Wizard will open.

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You can print the front of your business card but cannot print the back. Inside the directory were you saved all of your vCards drag and drop then into dymo cardscan executive Contacts folder executivr the iPod. Contacts will sync automatically.

Cardscan Executive

Create a new CardScan file. Choose Yes when CardScan asks dymo cardscan executive you want to overwrite the original file. Selling this one because we have 2. Open dmo CardScan software. In the Configure Synchronization window press the OK button to save the configuration.

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There are scroll bars at the bottom of the window that will allow you to move to the left or right if necessary. Select the file type you want to export vCard, CSV, etc. In CardScan version 3. The sample is written in Visual Basic. You can synchronize your CardScan contacts with Outlook. Upgrade to a modern browser, such as Google Chrome. The default location is C: In CardScan 9, dymo cardscan executive feature to transfer specific contacts has been removed and replaced with an option to synchronize all dymo cardscan executive your contacts to either Microsoft Outlook, Sage’s ACT!


Hold down the control key while clicking on individual names to simultaneously select non-consecutive items in the list. You don’t need to add an extension or path as Intellisync for CardScan will look for the file in the default Notes data directory. Click the Browse button under CardScan File. Click Yes and OK. This program uses the SDK to read the cards and then writes the exscutive to the database. At the scanner setup dymo cardscan executive, click the Calibrate button.

Your application has complete control over the scanner and the recognition engine and can integrate these functions seamlessly. Dymo cardscan executive to File – Export. The scanned image is a CardScan proprietary format, which cannot be used by any other program. Select the records you would like to Export. Hold down the Ctrl key on dymo cardscan executive keyboard, and single-click on other entries you wish to select.

Select Lotus Notes 4. The new contact appears in the List and Contact List. The CardScan SDK only supports the countries and languages supported by CardScan and you cannot add support for additional languages or dymo cardscan executive on your own.


Click the drop-down menu and select Use templates in file system. Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox.

How do you configure CardScan dymo cardscan executive with Lotus Notes 4. Size the windows so they are both visible.

CardScan Executive combines a fast, colour-capable business card scanner with the latest version of our award-winning CardScan contact management software. In the CardScan Synchronization window, click Configure.